Upload Your Working/Sample Files

You can upload your files through most popular image sharing website like WeTransfer, Dropbox and FTP account. When you upload your working/Sample images, please follow our upload instruction. After that you can transfer unlimited files using this media.

Please mention our email id/account ([email protected]) on the “Recipient/Email To” section.

Upload Through WeTransfer

You can upload up to 20GB files through our WeTransfer and you do not need any register or login. Please make sure your folder a compressed (zip/rar) of them. Make sure that each file/Folder must not exceed 20GB.

When upload your working files, Please write down your details instructions in the message area that would be help us lot editing your images perfectly or attach/upload your instructions as a separate file/folder!!

Note: Please click on WeTransfer button from right side and start uploading. You can Transfer your files twice or more time follow our instruction!!

Upload Through Dropbox/FTP Private Account

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