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Ghost mannequin effect service has become very popular nowadays. The ghost photo effect service is based on the product. Another name of his ghost mannequin effect service is neck joint service. Using this neck joint service in the fashion industry is increasing day by day.

It does not matter which kind of stuff you are using (ex: catalog, garment items), you need to use the ghost mannequin service for the best result. The primary target of the ghost mannequin service is to change a standard model image into a neck less picture.

For any e-commerce, photograph business or magazines, ghost technique is essential. Normally during the online marketing, customers or clients do not have the chance to see an original product. So you have to manipulate the customers through the editing so that they want to buy the product. And to make the product more attractive, ghost mannequin service is the best.

Pictures of garment items always go through the ghost photo effect. The basic items which are edited by a ghost mannequin effect service are sweaters, shirts, coats, ties, undergarments skirts, trousers, skirts, lingerie, jeans, ornaments, are pants, caps, jackets, party costumes, shoes, women sweaters, children clothes, belts, jerseys and much more.

Mannequin process is a very hard and lengthy process. In our ghost mannequin effect service, we use Adobe Photoshop software for the editing image. This Adobe Photoshop software is hundred percent manual. The mannequin process starts with the initial shots of the products from different sides or angles.

The pose of the mannequin model is also crucial. During the manipulation, the designers remain very aware of the shadows, set up, and height of the products. Another important thing during the neck joint service is to maintain the front and the back view of a photo ghost. It allows the customers to view the product from different sides. We use a board of white foam to ensure the details.

Also, a massive preparation is needed before starting the mannequin photo. These are –


We make sure that the dress is properly cleaned. We notice every detail like loose threads, lint, ragged, etc. to maintain the best shape of a dress. We also use a steamer for the proper shape of the dress. Our experts also use the spot cleaning process to remove any spot.


During the absence of the real model, we use molded body. It is the best alternative to make the photos live. Also, the molded body is very cheap than the cost of the models.


The style of the mannequin is vital for any cutout the ghost. To manipulate the customer into buying a product the look and the style is critical.

We are very proud to offer the best ghost mannequin effect service or neck joint service in the market. We are providing any ghost mannequin effect service as our client requirement. We also give advice to our clients for better editing result. Our designers also remain aware of any unwanted wrinkles, spots, and other problems during the mannequin process.

Because sometimes a very tiny spot ruins the whole picture or image. We are also very expert in doing the three sixty degrees effect. This effect allows the customers or clients to get the view of the product from all angles. This three sixty degrees effect allows our designers to show the details of the product elaborately.


We have a group of designers who are very skilled for the ghost mannequin service or neck joint service. Our designers are very professional and passionate about the dummy service. They know how to get the best look of a product through the ghost mannequin effect.

These designers have training on Adobe Photoshop software and other necessary software. We are also very aware of our price and client’s budget so that money never acts as a barrier or issue. We are very determined to give the best ghost mannequin effect service or neck joint service within the shortest time.

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