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Clipping Path Land team ready to answer your all query you want form us. Here is following some of the most frequently asked questions we received from customers. If you haven’t found an answer for your question, feel free please contact us and we will be get back to you very soon!!

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Where is Clipping Path Land Located?
Clipping Path Land specialized all kinds of Photo enhancement work. We are located in Dhaka, Bangladesh and here is our main office as well as our production house.
What is the working process of Clipping Path Land?
Upload images via your suitable media like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, FTTP or any other media you prefer. Tell us your full requirement and we start work on your images as your requirement.

When all images are done then we will send you an email with download link of your done images!!!

How Can I contact with Clipping Path Land?
You can directly email us to [email protected] or [email protected] . We will try our best get back to you as fast as possible.

Also you can contact with us via above tab as ‘’ CONTACT’’ page!!

What is your standard turnaround time?
Our turnaround time is depends on your image complexity and quantity. As usual our standard turnaround time is 24 hours. We have more than 50+ skillful designers who are working to deliver your work on time.
When are you available for working?
Our team work on 24/7 and 365 days. We are providing full days as well as full night support If client needed.
Which software are you using for doing your work perfectly?
Our expert designers use most updated adobe software for finishing your every task. We are providing 100% handmade photo post production services.

Have any free trial option?

Definitely, we are offering free trial option for showing our work quality as well as our capability. We are supporting up to 2 images as free trial from each of the services.

How Can I send you free trial images?
You can send us your free trial images using Dropbox, Wetransfer, Google Drive or any other image sharing website to [email protected]
How many images do you take as an order at once?
We cannot calculate it how many images we support as an order. As a service provider, we will support any size of image quantity because every client is too much important to us. So don’t worry your image quantity just order us and we work for you.
What file format do you accept for working?
Any image format we received, but we prefer high quality images for doing your work perfectly.
What will you do if you are not satisfied with your work?
We like to continue our task until we get a positive feedback from you. For satisfying our customer, we never charged twice for a job.
Can Clipping Path Land provide high quality Photo Post Production services?
Clipping Path Land believe that Excellency of work. We have 50+ professional photo designer who are highly capable doing any kinds of complex photo post processed as your requirement. So, do not worry about our work quality.

What is the procedure of payment?
When our full work will be completed. After that we will send you an invoice with enough information about our work. You need to pay us via PayPal, MasterCard, Wire Transfer or any other media you prefer.
Which payment method do you accept?
As payment method we accept PayPal, MasterCard, Wire Transfer or Bank Deposit.
Do you charge per image wise or project wise?
Yes, we charge per image wise not project wise. Sometimes we charge per project wise but it is up to depend on discussion with customers.
How much will it cost to use your services?
It is up to depend on your image complexity and requirement. Each of the services we charged individually from our clients. Feel free to contact us and get exact information about the cost of our services.
Do you offer bulk amount discounts?
Yes, we are offering high volume discounts on bulk image processing. It is up to depend on your image quantity.
What is your payment period?
Our as usual payment period is project wise for new clients. But when it is comes regular clients that time we offer monthly wise payment.

How do I upload files?
You can upload your images or files through any Media like WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTTP and so on.
What would be the maximum size of uploaded images?
You can upload unlimited files or images using our FTP server. We do not have any limitations uploading files through FTP.
How do I know my photos are ready to download?
We will inform you through an email when the images are ready for download.
How do I get my completed images back?
We will provide you a download link when images will be completed through email or other media you prefer.
How Can I transfer big volume files?
You can transfer your big volume files through Dropbox, WeTransfer or FTTP which one you prefer.
Can I get an FTP account?
If needed, we provide you a FTP account. You can transfer your file securely and quickly using our FTP account.

Are my images secured to you?
Yes, your images are 100% secured to us. Our one of the biggest challenge secure my client information. Please do not worry about your image security because when any members join our team we make an agreement.
Do you have any weekend day?
Yes, we have a weekend day and it is on Sunday. Sometimes we work on Sunday for delivery our client project on time.
Is it your support team open 24 hours?
Yes, our support team is open 24 hours even it is open during our weekend day.
Have any security of the FTP server?

We will provide you unique an FTP account include a username and password. We ensure our highest security of our FTP server.

We create a unique FTP account for each and every client username and password that will remain confidential to ensure the highest level of security.

Will you use my files in any commercial purposes?
No, we will never use or share your files for any commercial purpose without your permission.
Do you assign dedicate team for doing complex or rush jobs?
Yes, If needed we assign a special team for doing all kinds of rush jobs as urgent basis.

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